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Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

Mind and Eye Test

The game is simple...you say the color of the text and not the text which is also a color...for example YELLOW...the answer would be red...get it??...alryte..GO GO GO!

Friday, June 3, 2011


What a hot day it was just now. If you're a follower of mine on Twitter, you would have noticed that i've described the weather being hot countless times (maybe just once) and how tired i was (now this i cannot describe enough of). Brunei's usually hot, no surprise but whenever that happens, i'm always indoors so the things outside don't matter cos i got my A/C cooling me. However, yesterday was a little different due to the fact that there was a family function and it was also Friday (friday, gotta get down on friday), so whatever i did, i got no way of avoiding the Sun/weather.

Besides the weather and my tired condition, everything else went better than expected, food was great (free food?), and yes, tht was all needed to make things better really. 3 birthday cakes, great food and i almost got into an accident on the road. (more on that later,maybe?).

3 bday cakes were delicious, there was Blackforest, ice-cream and fruit cake, all simply makes me wanna go "yum yum yum". Then after the function, my fatigue finally reached it's toll, and i had to make time for an emergency nap (power nap?). Then woke up to the sound of loud thunder, god! it was loud, it woke me up almost immediately, unlike my alarm clock which i must point out has an easy snooze button.

Then i got bored, and i ended up on Twitter and tweeting like mad (more than usual). Then my boredom reached a new level and i ended up watching......guess what?...ya know what it is........BAM! ya don't! cos i was watching Hell's Kitchen, season 8 to be exact after my friend suggested that it epically failed? not sure in what ways so i got curious.

Ended up watching 3 episodes of it, even i'm shocked that i managed to go thru 3 episodes of a group of chefs competing against each other with a loud, abusive and rude 'Head Chef' (big boss?) yelling and complaining about everything and anything, then to send someone random home (and crush their dreams of ever becoming a true chef?) at the end of each episodes for the luls~ There i just summarized the whole season for ya and that by only watching the first 3 episodes! am i amazing or what?

Oh lastly, about accident that almost happened. It scared the shit outta me at first then i sorta calmed down to the soothing sound of Party Rock Anthem and Heaven (some game OST) and it all worked out. Not gonna elaborate any further cos it is what it is and it is and i'm lucky to have avoided it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nothing at all~

So here's a video clip of something i must listen to at least once, ever since i discovered it~

Yes in some ways...everyday i'm shufflin'..........cards tht is, though i know how to shuffle (don't judge!) but i'm nowhere as good as the people in the video~ no shit~

Anyways, i'm feeling as lazy as ever right now, so just enjoy the video. Sorry in advance to those ears assaulted by the music due to different taste in genre~ don't hate!

Oh here's another song stuck in my head....totally diff genre compared to the above...more ear friendly?...and everyone can relate to this more~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yesterday was May~

As you may or may not know (see what i did there?), Yesterday was the 31st of May of the year 2011. A pretty boring day it was, i must say. Wasn't really expecting much to happen, so for once my expectations meets reality? Though boring, i can't think of any other ways it could've been more enjoyable.

I mean, i was at home like any other day, woke up pretty late, also showered pretty late in the day and went on with my daily routine. I did, however drove to our neighborhood's nearest shop to help my aunt buy her groceries and what not, i guess driving my car was the most un-boringest thing i've done yesterday........

Oh i also need to talk about my PSP. I've started playing games on it again after so long abandoned and kept in my closet drawer. I gotta say, playing the PSP is the easy part, the finding the PSP part, however took the most time, cos in this house i tend to misplace my stuff very often. I've also started reusing my PS1.....since my bro's Xbox is basically unplayable, long story short, he did something that disabled the console to play 'not-so-original' games and now we're stuck with playing original games, which we only have 3~ THE HORROR!

Well, that's all for today's post. It's the 1st of June, nothing's gonna change though, so boring day up ahead~ COME AT ME BRO!~

Monday, May 30, 2011

Question and Answer~

Q: You left your blog cos you don't remember your password right? how did you log in on the 2 occasions that you've decided to make a new blog?!

A: I changed the password to my blogger several times now, so i did click the 'forgot password' button a few times when i'm not feeling that lazy. Why i made a new blog instead of updating the old one...read the previous post~

I'm guilty!

Yes, i made another blog. It's not the first time i've done it, i mean if you're a reader of moi, you would know that i have exactly 4 blogs (for one of em i'm merely a contributor). Well dear loyal follower(s) of mine, which is none cos i'm way inconsistent for one cos i can't stay with 1 blog if my life depended on it! (except for 1 and that's because i'm a contributor in it and the agreement is tied by friendship) , you must all be dying to know why i left my other blogs to die on their own due to inactivity right?

*Welcome to my life* [2007-2009]
Well first off, the first ever BLOG i've created is basically dead for years now. Last update if i recall, 2009 (too lazy to check but you could check it). It died cos i didn't know what to blog at that time and ended up dead for sure when i forgot my Blogger password and was too lazy to click 'forgot password', and check my Hotmail, which contained about 10000+ mail already, now it's beyond that! It was also after the O lvls and i'm all stressing out about college back then so the blog marked the end of my secondary school life~ i shall name it the 'Ordinary Era' (cos of O lvls)

One more minute © [2009-2010]
As for my second BLOG, it showed more life than my first one cos of 'after-o-lvl' break, which i remember i had nothing better to do, so blogging was the only way to kill time! the blog basically, was just a hype back then to own a blog (for me and my circle of friends that is) and i simply couldn't let myself become blog-less. The blog was mostly used as a journal for the important events that happened, and i only published a few posts (less than 20?) which really showed that not many important event happened to me back then. It actual showed my life in college, well the first year of it, all the good and bad memories. This blog, the 'I-got-a-blog Era'.The blog already died once, then i revived it. After a while it died again and that time it was for real (sadly). Why it died? why am i killing it?.....what memories?.....

What's left [2011-20**]
Well, almost the same reason as the first one. Scarce ideas and temporary memory loss of the password to my blogger meant the blog passed away just like that~ now as for the reason i'm killing it, well it's a personal reason, to keep it short, it holds too many memories.......mostly bad ones~ why it's still up u ask?...well cos it also holds lots of meaningful memories, thus the reason for a new blog. I present to you this blog.......

How many times can i make a blog until i get banned from here?....wait,what?! i won't get banned for this?...i can make more blogs in the future?...great~